BloxelMC is a recently spawned Minecraft server with the sole intention of bringing the pure Vanilla experience back to the game.

The idea and structure for BloxelMC came from MinersPlay, a 3-season Vanilla server hosted in 2020. Although none of the original staff exist from that server, we still hold many core values and ideas from them.

The server is hosted with Spigot, with limited plugins installed! There are no teleports, warps, /sethomes, etc. We use GriefPrevention to allow players to claim their land and keep safe from griefing, and outside of limited messaging commands we have added little to the Minecraft survival experience. Our mission is to keep our server as vanilla as possible, while allowing a smooth playing experience for our users.

As a new server we are excited to see our community grow! We are ready to accept new users like you!

Credit to YT user Shadow for our website's live wallpaper.

Join Us

BloxelMC is a "greylist" experience. This means that any (authenticated) player on Java or Bedrock can join our server, however they must apply in-game for general permissions including building, chatting, and more!

We pride ourselves on being a vanilla Minecraft experience! While the server is hosted on Spigot, we have added little to the base game! There are no teleports, warps, admin-made shops, just a 10,000 block world at your disposal!

We use GriefPrevention as our only player-based add on, this will allow you and your friends to build anytime, anywhere, worry-free from threats!

How can I join Vanilla Server?

  • Connect using your Minecraft client, we support both Java & Bedrock
    (IP Address: mc.bloxelmc.com)
  • Join our Discord server to be a part of updates, and chat in-game with our players!
  • Use our /apply command in-game to fill out a short application!
  • Your application will be reviewed remotely by our staff team, and will be processed within 24 hours.

  • Who can join Vanilla Server?

  • We are an 18+ community, and require all of our users to be adults!
  • You must own a copy of Minecraft Java or Bedrock on any supported device.

  • How can I connect with Bedrock?

    Most consoles now support connecting to Minecraft servers directly! If you are unable to do this, you may have a device that doesn't carry this feature. However, there are many work-arounds. "BedrockTogether" allows console players to connect directly to server IPs. Watch this video for more information!